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Information Needed to Prepare a Colorado QDRO

Summary: The following information is needed in order to draft and process a QDRO.

Information Needed.

The following information is needed in order to draft and process a Colorado QDRO:

1. Summary Plan Description (commonly called "SPD"), from the employer (I can get that);

2. Divorce separation agreement, mediated memorandum of understanding, or judge's permanent orders (I need just the first page and the page that addresses the retirement plan);

3. Divorce decree (to show the date of the Decree and whether wife changed her last name);

4. Retirement Plan account statement, showing the participant's name, address, and account number (it does not have to be a current statement);

5. Our 1 page flat fee agreement;

6. Additional information (see the "information needed" form at the link below):

a. full name, address, day-time phone number, date-of-birth, and social security number for both former spouses;

b. date of marriage; and

c. contact information for the employer's retirement plan representative, such as the human resources department.

Please download and complete the PDF file of the information needed form.

Also sometimes a plan release form is needed. The release may be needed if additional information is needed from your employer or plan sponsor.

If you can't get some of this information, I can usually still get the QDRO done.


  Updated July 28 2016  
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