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Re-Open Your Colorado Divorce Case if Nondisclosure

Summary: You should be able to re-open your Colorado divorce case if the other spouse failed to disclose a pension or other retirement plan so that you can do a QDRO.

The Nondisclosure of Retirement Plan Problem

If the other spouse has a pension or other retirement plan which was at least partially marital property and failed to disclose it in your Colorado divorce, then you should be able to re-open your divorce case so that you can get a QDRO completed.

The better solution is try to get the spouse to cooperate with an agreed QDRO once you discover that a retirement plan asset was not disclosed.

If you have to re-open the case, then you clearly need the assistance of an attorney because the dispute can be complicated and you will need some good legal help.

Nondisclosure is fairly common, unfotunately. I receive a lot of calls and emails about it.

  Updated July 24 2016  
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