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Colorado QDRO Videos

QDRO PowerPoint Videos for Colorado QDROs: Click on the Heading or the video image to go to the video player. Default player is HTML5. Flash is the contingent player. Each video has multiple video formats so that the video will play on all devices, including hand-held phones.

Benefits for a Colorado QDRO
Updated August 28, 2016

1. Reasons and Benefits - For a Colorado QDRO

  • Tax-Free Division in a Divorce or Legal Separation
  • Alternate Payee Can Withdraw Cash Without 10% Early Withdrawal Penalty
  • Can Use to Equalize Other Marital Assets
  • Usually Can Use Defined Contribution Plans to Pay Marital Bills
  • Collect Past-Due Child Support & Maintenance Obligations
Maurice Johnson Colorado Attorney explains low QDRO cost and the process.
Updated August 30, 2016

2. Best Process and Lowest QDRO Cost

  • Is Best to Get it Done Before the Issuance of the Decree
  • Don't Wait for Months; Use a Rule 70 Motion if No Cooperation
  • Use the Efficient Process of a Low Fixed Attorney Fee
  • There is a System to the Process. I discuss 10 steps.
  • Usually an IRA can be transferred without a QDRO or court Order, but not always
Maurice Johnson, Colorado QDRO Attorney explains the QDRO mistakes to avoid.
Updated Sept 2, 2016

3. Major Mistakes to Avoid; Income Tax and Other Financial Mistakes.

  • Don't Pay the 10% Early Withdrawal Penalty by Rolling It Into An IRA Before Withdrawal
  • Calculate Your Taxes Before You Decide to Withdraw, Including Colorado Tax
  • Don't Delay Getting the QDRO Done; In Many Cases You Will Lose
  • Don't Hire a "Financial Planner"; Stay Away From an Annuity & Other Insurance "Investments"
  • Don't Pay Money for the Pension Valuation Scam
  • The Alternate Payee MUST stay involved until the QDRO is fully processed by the Plan.
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